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ESX 4.1 Memory Compression

Database and ODBC for vSphere Virtual Center 4.1

VMware KB Mobile APP

Svmotion – Failed to connect to host

VMware PowerCLI script to manage VM resources

VMware PowerCLI Basics

VMware script to delete/remove VMs, guests

Managing Vmware Snapshots – 3/3

Managing Vmware Snapshots – 2/3

Managing Vmware Snapshots – 1/3

How to identify a non-aligned disk - VMWARE

New Blog Layout

Vmotion history and enhancements

vSphere Management into IPad

Root password never expires

IBM at Jeopardy ?!?!

VMForum 2010 - São Paulo

vSphere 4.1 has been released

VMWare store I/O control (SIOC)

Right Size your VM

Platespin issue preventing P2V

VMware disk alignment

PV2 does not end - 94%

Reset root password

VMWARE CPU Identification Utility

VMware Toolbar

Customizing guest with SysPrep

Better performance on VMWARE converter

House that tweets

Is there anyone reading my blog ?!?!

VCP4 Certified !!!

End of Life (EOL) VMware Consolidated Backup

How check if your VMware License file is OK

Veeam FastSCP works

Transfering VMDK files

Adding extra licenses

Saving some energy

Missing memory to run more VMs


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