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Hi guys,

This week I started creating the infrastructure for my vSphere environment.

I assume must of you read the hundreds of pages of Installation guide and Administrator guide, each time there’s a new release, right ? ; )

Well, I don’t. (my bad) . So, sometimes I learn the hard way.

Today I will share what I figured out when installing Virtual Center on a 64bits system.

If you are using a SQL 2008 database don’t forget to first install SQL Server 2008 Native Client on your Virtual Center Server.

I’m also installing my Virtual center on top of a Windows 2008 64bits

Virtual Center is now 64bits application, so you can use the 64bits ODBC to create it’s DSN connection to the database.
But, Update Manager still a 32bits application, so you have to use a 32bits ODBC
To launch 32bits ODBC run: [WindowsDir]\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe

OK, my ODBC connections have been created I went through the installation without any problem or issue, but after a few days I started facing a few problems , then, suddenly virtual center service was not starting up anymore…. After some troubleshooting with my ODBC and database I decided to re-install it…. This time I got errors and installation did not proceed.

Error 25003. Setup Failed to create the VCenter Server repository

VMWARE has also a good KB about it, but none of the solutions worked to me.

After a few hours troubleshooting and making tests I figured out that DBAs have installed SQL 2008 Enterprise R2….. despite the fact SQL 2008 is an supported version R2 is not.

So, reinstalling the SQL with the right version fixed my issue.


Merry Christmas…..

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