Thursday, June 26, 2014

VMworld 2014

It’s coming that time of the year again, where VMware shock the world with it’s vision, new products, new solutions, new ways of doing business, well…. It’s VMworld TIME!!!!!

This year the theme is “No Limits”, which really represent the limitless opportunities we all have when going into a Software Defined DataCenter model, with all that level of automation and abstraction of resources, you will see the barriers be demolished and your savings with CAPEX and OPEX go higher and higher.

Don’t believe me ? it’s fare enough….

It’s up to you now to go an check first hand, listen to the specialists, exchange ideas with other peers, create a network, test the products on the labs…again limitless opportunities for you.

Still not convinced, may be this video can help you.


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See you there…

Thursday, June 12, 2014

vSphere Storage Appliance End of Availability

Since we are on a wave of announcing the end of availability of products, here’s another one that you might have not notice.

VMware announced the end of availability of vSphere Storage Appliance, AKA vSA.

As I explained on the last post

End of Availability (EOA) is not End of Life, which means, when a product is EOA you will not be able to purchase it anymore, for vSA this date was be April 1st, 2014.
But since it’s NOT EOL yet, you can still using the product for as long as you wish, VMware will still provide support and release fix patches until the EOL of the product, which for vSA 5.5 is September 19th, 2018. (more details you can check at the VMware’s LifeCicle Matrix)

If you need more information about this announcement, check the FAQ.

I personally don’t know many clients that are actively using vSA, but,  if you are looking for a solution that leverages your local disks to create a shared storage area, without the need to purchased a Storage solution, well… VMware has an answer for that, it’s our own software defined storage solution, called Virtual SAN, aka VSAN.

As you can realize by this quick overview video, It’s a game change on the industry.
To learn more about it, I suggest you check all the amazing posts Duncan Epping owner of yellow-bricks blog wrote.

Friday, June 6, 2014

vCenter Chargeback Manager End of Availability

VMware recently announced the end of availability of it’s billing product, vCenter Chargeback Manager, but what that means ?

First of all End of Availability (EOA) is not the same as End of Life (EOL), which means, when a product is EOA you will not be able to purchase the product anymore, for Chargeback this date will be June 10th, 2014.
But since it’s NOT EOL yet, for the one that already purchased it, you can still using the product for as long as you wish, VMware will still providing support and releasing fix patches until the EOL of the product, which for Chargeback, is June 30th, 2015.

One note aside, if you are a service provider under VSPP program, it does not affect you, Chargeback will still be available for you guys.

But, why of that ?

Well, overtime Chargeback became a complex product with a lot of options, which fits perfectly the service providers needs, but became too complex for the majority of enterprise companies, which just need a more simple solution.

OK, what’s for the Enterprise Companies instead ?

VMware would not let you down, for Enterprise Companies there’s a new billing product, IT Business Management (ITBM).

ITBM comes which 3 versions, Standard, Advanced and Enteprise.
For the ones looking for providing cost of virtual machines and utilization of shared resources the Standard version will fit perfectly, but you would be amazed with the features of the others versions have, like providing benchmarking information and finance management.

Here’s a comparison chart about the versions.

If you need more information, check the FAQ.

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