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Recently I’ve had issues uploading OVF templates to a vCloud Director’s catalog, there was no problem selecting the OVF template but then I realized the upload did not progress over 1% and after a few hours it times out.

Checking the vCD Cell’s log (/opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs/vcloud-container-debug.local) there was an error message: “Resource descriptor.ovf not fully transferred yet”.

Since the OVF upload process is handle by REST API and vCloud Director 5.6.4 brought a few new options to vCD Public Address configuration, I decided to start from there.

First I did something wrong with vCloud Director public REST API base URL and started getting “cURL error: Couldn’t connect to server

After correcting the URL, the error changed to “Failed to connect to host on port 443
This time it was due to an incorrect certificate chain at vCloud Director public REST API certificate chain.

Just set up the correct chain and the OVF upload started to work properly again.

There’s no one I could blame other than me. 
Don’t make my mistakes configuring the Public Address correctly ; )

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