Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adding extra licenses

Have you had the need to add more licenses to your actual VMWARE environment ?

Well, I have.

Even though it's possible to consolidate your licenses , it's a consuming time task, you need to go the VMWARE License portal and combine the old and the new one into a single license file.

I realized that because Virtual Center 3.5 uses a FLEXlm license server you can se it up to search all the licenses files at a specific folder.
So, in the future what need to do is just download you extra license file to this directory and restart the license server service.

So, how to do that ?
- on your license server:
- open registry editor and go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\FLEXlm License Server\VMware License Server
- change the key LICENSE to the path where your licenses could be found
- restart your license server service.

One last thing, it just works for VI3, on vSphere licensing mode has been changed from .lic files to license key codes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saving some energy

Well, you guys, probably, know that in Brazil Carnival is a big holiday, but what you, probably, don’t know is that it’s “optional” and some companies choose to do not give the day off for their employees. So, here I’m.

Have you heard about DPM ? It’s a VMWARE future called Distributed Power Management, it has the capability to consolidate idle VMs into just a few physical servers and shutdown/suspend unused hosts, it can save you some $$$ with cooling and energy.

Here’s a good video that shows how it works.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing memory to run more VMs

Today I want to give you guys a tip, you will realize that I, probably, will post a lot of topics about virtualization. That's why it's my mainly area these here it is:

What happen if you want to run more VMs than you physical memory allows ? I suppose you are using VMWARE Workstation, ok ?!?

- Go to Edit / Preferences
- on the memory tab set it to allow memory swap

of course your performance would not be the same, but, it's a workaround.

good luck

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi there,

This year, I believe, I reached the maturity of my career when I can give some tips and share some of my experiences with technology with other folks.
Since I read a lot of articles and receive several e-mails , you will see here some of a high level information and links to get a deeper information about the subject.

First I'd like to say sorry for the guys who can't read english, but I decided to create it in English to have a global reach and be accessible for more people.
Also, for the guys who can read English, sorry for "my" English ;)

Well, let's start it....

Who am I

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I’m an IT specialist with over 15 years of experience, working from IT infrastructure to management products, troubleshooting and project management skills from medium to large environments. Nowadays I'm working for VMware as a Consulting Architect, helping customers to embrace the Cloud Era and make them successfully on their journey. Despite the fact I'm a VMware employee these postings reflect my own opinion and do not represents VMware's position, strategies or opinions. Reach me at @dumeirell

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