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Have you had the need to add more licenses to your actual VMWARE environment ?

Well, I have.

Even though it's possible to consolidate your licenses , it's a consuming time task, you need to go the VMWARE License portal and combine the old and the new one into a single license file.

I realized that because Virtual Center 3.5 uses a FLEXlm license server you can se it up to search all the licenses files at a specific folder.
So, in the future what need to do is just download you extra license file to this directory and restart the license server service.

So, how to do that ?
- on your license server:
- open registry editor and go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\FLEXlm License Server\VMware License Server
- change the key LICENSE to the path where your licenses could be found
- restart your license server service.

One last thing, it just works for VI3, on vSphere licensing mode has been changed from .lic files to license key codes.

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