Friday, October 1, 2010

How to identify a non-aligned disk - VMWARE

I few months ago I wrote an article about misalignment disk and the performance issues it could bring to your environment… remember it here.

Now that you understand the disk alignment it’s time to check your environment and see how big the issue on your environment is.

Vizioncore has a good tool for the job vOptimizer !!

You can download a free tool that will scan your environment and tell you which guest is not 64k aligned. It’s called vOptimizer Waster Finder and you can download it from here.

Here’s also a good presentation about the product.

It also brings some cool reports. Here's an exaample of the disk alingment report.

You will probably notice a product called vOptimizer Pro, ok, that’s the paid version; it does a lot of other cool tricks, like resizing the disks and make the correct alignment of the disk.

But how to make a disk aligned is a subject for another topic….

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