Monday, September 26, 2016

NSX Reference Poster

During the past few weeks, my NSX partner in crime, the Sr. Consultant Anderson Duboc and I have been working on a NSX Reference Poster and now it’s my great pleasure to present you guys with the final result. 

There’s a great history of VMware’s reference posters and with the introduction of NSX central CLI we thought it would make sense to create a reference one with the most commonly used commands.

I know from experience that professionals love to have this kind of reference handy, so in case you want to print it yourself a copy, here are the details:
PDF printable version

It’s was designed to be printed in a high-resolution A3 size (no lower than 300 dpi).
In inches: 11.7x16.5
In mm: 297x420

You can always check the NSX Command Line guide for a complete list of commands.


Dominic Crawford said...

Excellent resource, will be printing this out for sure
Have spotted a typo for you :-)
Shows the firewall configuration
# show the firewall configuration


Unknown said...

Awesome job, printed already. One little typo spotted in the Firewall section.

# show __the__ firewall configuration

Farrukh Hanif said...

thanks for the awesome job

shanavas kt said...

Excellent job, Thanks for share.

Eduardo Meirelles da Rocha said...

thank you guys.
typo corrected already.

Elver S.S. said...

Well done Eduardo and Anderson. Thanks for sharing.

Rajesh Kongath said...

Well done.. Thanks for sharing

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