Friday, January 31, 2020

Year in Review 2019

Thanks for the 200 days of January there’s still time to post my classic year in review post during the first month of the year…I assume there’ll be more.

Let’s see how it went, even for a low productive year…yeah, I know !!!

No surprise here, my page views have dropped by 13% totalizing 37,874 Pageviews in 2019.

People still coming from all around the globe, to be precise from 164 different countries, like Zambia, Lesotho, and Vanuatu, but the US alone represents more than 40% of my visitors.

Now the most interesting thing…. the top 10 articles from 2019.

You guys must be kidding me… Converter Tips still #1 ?!?!?

#5   VMware script to delete/remove VMs, guest (not ranked last year)
#6   vSAN stretched cluster topology explained (not ranked last year)
#9   Cloud Assembly – The Basics (not ranked last year)

 At least one post from 2019 made it to the Top 10... and I'm amazed one post from 2010 still been found out there... Can you guys guess which one?

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