Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Workload Management Cluster incompatible

The most wanted vSphere 7 feature is undoubted the Workload Management Cluster, integrating K8s cluster into vSphere to allow true visibility of PODs, containers and VMs, side by side.

You all know that, what I really want to cover now is a very simple tip, but took me sometime to find the right answer, so here it is.

When you try to enable Workload Management for a cluster you might end up getting some incompatibility errors:

Sometimes de error is clear, sometimes not too much....

In my case I was sure all the requirements has been took care properly, I double checked just in case.

You might get lucky getting more information through the use o DCLI in vCenter

Run: dcli com vmware vcenter cluster list
 you can also get some extra details 
Run: dcli com vmware vcenter namespacemanagement distributedswitchcompatibility 
list --cluster

 or as always, the true is on the logs

Run: tail -f /var/log/vmware/wcp/wcpsvc.log 

all this process is documented here.

back to my case,  it seemed it was some communication issues between NSX and vCenter... that's when I remember when registering vCenter as a computer management in NSX there's a trust option I missed.

Seems not all requirements was ready after all !!!

Friday, February 7, 2020

Enterprise PKS Management Console installed, What now ?

I’ve been working on a VMware Enterprise PKS proof of concept for a customer and instead of installing all the components, ops manager, ops director, tiles, individually I decided to use the Enterprise PKS Management Console.
If you have not heard about it yet, it’s a single OVA that provides a unified installation in an automated way, which simplifies and expedite a lot the process of making PKS available.

But this post is more related to day 2, once everything is installed what now ?!?!?

In the past I wrote some posts about how to manage the solution and the need to install some tools like Bosh CLI, UaaC CLI e PKS CLI.

While those tools still exist and are needed, I found the use of Enterprise PKS Management Console a lot more simple, Bosh CLI and PKS CLI are already installed on the appliance, so, just SSH into it to create and manage the clusters immediately.

If you remember, in order to create a cluster you need a user with such permission and UaaC client was not installed on the appliance, that’s because the identity management has been integrated on the PKS Management Console.

To create and manage users, just select Identity Manager on the left pane.

Not only local users are allowed but also based on AD/LDAP and SAML providers, it will depend the option you select during the setup.

Always good to remember the roles and scope available within the solution.

- pks.clusters.admin: allow the user to create and manage all clusters within
the system;
- pks.clusters.admin.read: it’s a read only role for all clusters created on the solution;
- pks.clusters.manage: allow the user to create and manage only the cluster’s they own;

How about you, already using PKS Management Console, let me know what you think about it ?

Friday, January 31, 2020

Year in Review 2019

Thanks for the 200 days of January there’s still time to post my classic year in review post during the first month of the year…I assume there’ll be more.

Let’s see how it went, even for a low productive year…yeah, I know !!!

No surprise here, my page views have dropped by 13% totalizing 37,874 Pageviews in 2019.

People still coming from all around the globe, to be precise from 164 different countries, like Zambia, Lesotho, and Vanuatu, but the US alone represents more than 40% of my visitors.

Now the most interesting thing…. the top 10 articles from 2019.

You guys must be kidding me… Converter Tips still #1 ?!?!?

#5   VMware script to delete/remove VMs, guest (not ranked last year)
#6   vSAN stretched cluster topology explained (not ranked last year)
#9   Cloud Assembly – The Basics (not ranked last year)

 At least one post from 2019 made it to the Top 10... and I'm amazed one post from 2010 still been found out there... Can you guys guess which one?

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