Friday, May 28, 2010

PV2 does not end - 94%

good Friday all.... it's always good ;)

Today, I'd like to share an issue I faced during a P2V with VMWARE Converter.

Everything was looking great when the task stopped at 94%, it was there for a long time, there was no error , did not end up the tasks, was not freeze.
So, I had to cancel it and did a few troubleshoots, reinstall the agent, reboot the host, the server…. etc.

It was when a realized there was a software mirror for system disk.

So I broke the mirror and started the P2V again…. This time it completed successful !!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Reset root password

If you have forgotten or don't know the password for the root user on an ESX Server host, you can change it without reinstalling ESX Server.

Note: The procedure below performs a password reset, it "blindly" replaces the existing root password with a new one. This is not password recovery, it does not allow you to learn the original root password.

1. Reboot the ESX Server host.
2. When the GRUB screen appears, press the space bar to stop the server from automatically booting into VMware
ESX Server.
3. Use the arrow keys to select Service Console only (troubleshooting mode).
4. Press the a key to modify the kernel arguments (boot options).
5. On the line presented, type a space followed by the word single .
6. Press Enter. The server continues to boot into single-user mode.
7. When presented with a bash prompt such as sh-2.05b#, type the command passwd and press Enter.
8. Follow the prompts to set a new root user password.
9. When the password is changed successfully, reboot the host using the command reboot and allow VMware ESX Server to boot normally.

EASY, right ?!?!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

VMWARE CPU Identification Utility

It has been busy days over here, that’s why it has been a few days since my last post.
But you are not here to hear me complaining about it ,right…. So here’s my tip this week.

Sometimes you need to enable a new feature on Virtual Center or inherited a new environment throught a company acquisition and you don’t know if your host are capable of supporting this setting.

As you know some features like EVC depends on CPU’s features.

VMWARE has a tool called CPU identification Tool, you download it, burn a bootable CD and start your host with it.
It will check your CPU’s feature’s an print it on the screen for you.

Easy !!! right

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