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I’ve been working on a project for a client that is moving it’s datacenter to another one, in another city.
So, there is a need to move their guests to another VMWARE environment on the new datacenter. Both datacenters are connected with a fast LAN-to-LAN link, so it’s just a matter of doing the math …… size of VMDK x network speed.

Then I realized because of big VMDK files and several concurrent copies over the network would take me to a huge outage on the guests and probably the client would not approve it or be very upset.

Doing some search on the internet I found Veeam FastSCP, despite of the fact it’s free, it has some features that makes it very interesting:
- traffic compression
- empty block removal
- 6 times faster then SCP

Well, at least that’s what their website promises…
Let’s give it a shot…… I will let you know.

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