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I’m alive !!!! After a long winter I’m back blogging, I have no one to blame but me, I could give a lot of excuses about how life is hard, changes on my personal and professional life and blah blah blah, but it won’t change the fact it has been 5 months since my last post.
Let’s dust off those skills and starts with my classical year in review post, even though it’s February already : (

Producing only 16 posts this past year is not a surprise none of them made it to the top 10, it might be search engines are ranking me low or I lost my faithful followers ; )

Generating 43,335 pageview, the traffic is coming from all around the world, 154 countries, US alone being 30% of all my traffic.

It’s amazing how my post about Converter is back to #1, did you run a physical to virtual project last year, please, let me know !!!

Here’s the full list:

#4. VMFS Version – VMWARE Datastore (not ranked last year)
#7. How access NSX through APIs (not ranked last year)
#8. Year in review 2017 (not ranked last year)

I think the only way now is up…let’s get this year starts for real

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