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When talking about automation,  the capability of receiving remote calls is the success factor of any plataform, might be via command line or API calls.
VMware NSX is not an exception, providing APIs functionality you can monitor, manager and troubleshoot it remotely.

This post is more a personal reference, so I can always come back and check  how to access it, but it can also help others starting on this field .

First of all, you need a API client to issue commands to your remote system. There are a lot of them out them, personally I’m using the RestClient.

To start issuing commands you need to provide the proper credentials to access NSX.
-       On the upper bar Click on Authorization and then on Basic Authentication;

-       Provide the username and password with the required privileges;
-       Click OK;

Now we need to set up the header
-       On the upper back, click on Headers and then on Custom Header;

-       For Name, type: Content-Type;
-       For Value, type: application/xml;
-       Click OK;

Before running any command make sure the Authentication and Header are always present.

Let’s make a test to guarantee  everything is configured properly.
-       For method, select: GET;
-       For URL, type: https://"nsx_manager"/api/1.0/appliance-management/global/info
-       Click Send;

If you see the version of your NSX Manager as the example above, everything is set up correctly.

Pretty cool right ?!?! So why don’t you download NSX vSphere API Guide and create some amazing stuff  ?!?!?

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