Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Year in Review 2017


Another year has just started and it's time to look back and see how much I contributed to the community.

2017 was a busy year, with a lot of challenges and work to be done, I had the amazing opportunity to spend 3 months with VMware Technical Marketing Team for Cloud-Native Applications, where I learned a lot about this new emerging world and technology, you might have noted the effect on my post subjects.
The drawback about all this rush, it that I have produced only 27 posts this year, while for the past 3 years it was always over 30, I had to confess I'm a bit disappointed with myself, but that's the thing when you run a personal blog on your own free time.

Interesting though is this 27 posts only generated 64,407 pageviews, a slight increase of 1% from last year, I'll call it a victory.
The audience is coming from all parts of the globe, 164 countries to be more precisely, but mostly coming from US, India, UK, Germany, and Brazil.

These are my Top 10 Blogs for 2017 (in red it's rank # from 2016)

#1.  NSX Reference Poster (#1)
#2.  vSphere Integrated Containers Networking
#3.  VMware Converter Configuration Tips (#4)
#4.  Enable vRealize Orchestrator Control Center
#5.  vSphere Replication Traffic Isolation
#6.  Unlock vRealize Orchestrator default VMware Account (#2)
#7.  ESXi password Complexity Requirements (#3)
#8.  vSAN streched cluster topology explained
#9.  VMware script to delete/remove VMs (#6)
#10. RDM disk corruption on Microsoft Failover Cluster

NSX reference poster made #1 again, I have to admit it's a damn good poster, also I'm glad 50% of the top 10 posts are debuting on the list, which means I'm generating meaningful articles.
One last thing, VMware Converter Configuration Tips post made it again, ranking in the Top 10 since 2013;
Are there still people converting physical machines ?!?! please, if you do let me know ; )

Now, let's make 2018 better !!!!

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