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It happens to the best of us, you type a wrong password too many times and end up with an account locked.
Well, it happed to me when working to vRealize Orchestrator.

Curiously, the procedure is documented on Orchestrator Installation Guide, even though it took me a considerable amount of time to find it, so why not emphasize the procedure here and help others to find the solution quicker ?!?

When the default account (user=VMware) is locked out you will receive the error:  
Login failed: User/password mismatch or account temporarily blocked after too many unsuccessful attempts

It’s not clear yet how many failed attempts would lock the account and how many minutes it would automatically unlock it, if will. I’m contacting VMware’s engineers to find out more about it and I’ll update it here once I have the details.

This mean time, let's see how you unlock it.
You can reset/unlock your account tweaking passwd.properties file, depending where vRO is running on you will find this file at:

Running on vCenter: install_directory\VMware\Infrastructure\Orchestrator\config
Running standalone on Windows: install_directory\VMware\Orchestrator\configuration\conf\
Running on the appliance: /etc/vco/configuration/

I’ll show you the appliance steps, because I believe it is the most common deployment out there.

- Login through SSH on the Orchestrator Appliance
- cd /etc/vco/configuration/

Take a copy of the file just in case you want to restore it later

- cp passwd.properties passwd.properties.bkp

now edit the file with your preferred file editor.

Look for the line starting with vmware= (there should be a bunch of numbers and letters here, it’s the actual password, but encrypted)

Get ride of this line and replace it with:

Save the file and restart vRO services.

Give the appliance some minutes to take affect.

 Login back with:
User: vmware
Password: vmware

If you did it right you will be able to login and change the default password ; )

 Another tip: If you still receiving the block message even after going through all the steps above, it might be because you are using IE, there's some weird type of caching or cook playing here, just use another browser !!!!

Did it work for you ?

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