Thursday, June 9, 2011

VMFS Version – VMWARE Datastore

Do you know the LUNs on your environment might have different versions ?

Yeah, that’s true!!
To check tha LUN version, on the configuration tab, select the Storage option and click on the desired LUN.

On Datastore Details, you will see it’s VMFS version

So, why did it happen ?

VMFS version depends on the version of your ESX host by the time when you last formatted the LUN.

• ESX 3.0.0 is provided with 3.21 (initial release)
• ESX 3.5.0 is provided with 3.31
• vSphere (ESX 4.0) is provided with 3.33
• vSphere (ESX 4.1) is provided with 3.46

Now you might be wondering, Does the version of my VMFS impact any new feature or performance ?
The answer is NO. Features and enhacements are implemented at the system drivers level.

But if your environment is standing long enough, since ESX 2 days, you might have one or two LUNs formatted with VMFS2, but you would probably notice that a long time ago.

If you have a mixed environment with ESX with different versions, my advice is to always format new LUNs using the host with your latest version, that way the LUN will be created on the latest version. Would not hurt, right ; )

Now if you are a kind o control freak and want all your LUNs at the same and latest level the only way to upgrade it is deleting the LUN and creating it again.
Make sure to move your data to another LUN before delete it.

If you want more details VMware has a KB about it: KB1005325

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