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2015 is past now and I have to say I’m proud of the content I produced during the year, It has been 36 posts generating 49,500 pageviews, not bad for a independent blog managed on my own free time ; )
The interesting thing is where this traffic is coming from, basically from US, UK and Brazil but I do also have traffic from other 160 different countries.

Here’s my 2015 Top 10 blog posts (in red is the 2014 rank)

This rank deserves some comments:

- Finally after 2 years in a row, my Converter Tips post lost his #1 position;
- Theoretically, posts from 2015 have less days on-line to compete with posts from 2014, it might explain why 40% of the top 10 posts are from 2014;
 - I’m glad to see powerCLI basics on the list, it’s a post I made some years ago, but still relevant these days, I believe people are looking for more agile and automated ways for managing their environment and this post is a nice quick start.

Thanks for the audience !!!!

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