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This week I ran into a fresh install of vSphere and Update Manager 5.1.

Everything went fine with SSO, Inventory Services and vCenter, but Update Manager had a different story, despite the fact the installation went fine too, no errors and the tables were created on the database as it would be, the service was not starting up.

On the attempt to start Update Manager I got the following error:

"Windows Could not start the VMware Update Manager service on local computer. Error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly"

Checking Update Managers’ log there were several messages like: Failed to get the module name for process….

Well making a long story short, after some troubleshooting I realize the problem was my ODBC connection with the database.

As you probably know, you cannot use the SQL client which comes by default with Windows, instead you need to install the SQL Native Client, which is provided by SQL Server Feature Pack.

And as you could imagine there are several versions of them, depending on the SQL server version, release, service pack…

On this implementation, I’ve been using SQL Native Client 11 for vCenter connection with no problem at all, but apparently Update Manager does not like this version.

After I installed SQL Native Client 10 and changed the Update Manager ODBC connection to use this client version everything went as expected and the service started just fine.

Since my vCenter was working fine I saw no reason to remove the Native Client version 11.

Now my server has been running both versions concurrently with no problem.
SQL Native Client 11 for vCenter ODBC connection.
SQL Native Client 10 for Update Manager ODBC connection.

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