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 Missing createSysprepPackage.sh script to prepare sysprep files for VMware vCloud Director ?

With the release of vCloud Director 5.5 the sysprep preparation procedure has slightly changed, you cannot run the createSysprepPackage.sh script anymore, you would have to manually copy the files instead.

I just recently realized this change, despite the fact it’s documented on vCloud Installation guide, and because you might not got it too I’d like to share this information.

Starting with vCD 5.5, it’s just a matter of copying the binary files to: /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/guestcustomization/default/windows/sysprep

Beware that you need to create the sysprep folder first, it’s not there by default, and then create a folder for each O.S.

Another point of attention, now the folder’s name has changed to match what you would found on vCenter.

 Another thing you would notice, there’s not folder for Windows 2000, Yes, vCloud 5.5 dropped the support for it.

If you don’t know where to find the sysprep files, check KB1005593.

Good luck

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