Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VRS root’s default password

If you already deployed SRM (Site Recovery Manager) and decided to use vSphere Replication as your replication technology, you definitely deployed VRS (vSphere Replication Servers).

You deployed them, protected the VM’s, replication is working fine, but eventually you might want to connect to your VRS console, probably to accomplish with one of the best practices ever, to change the default password on every system/device.

That’s when you realize you don’t know the root password of your VRS.

You can try to remember if during the OVF deployment it asked for a root password or not.
I will spare you the effort. Differently of VRMS (vSphere Replication Management Server) it does not.

If you check the SRM Admin Guide the only information about the root password is bellow:

Without further ado here’s the how to access your VRS from the console.

User: root
Password: vmware

Change it NOW !!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this info. I documented this install very carefully. I had to go back to my documentation because I didn't recall it asking to set a password. This was racking my brain (Sheesh) until I found this blog.

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