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A few weeks ago I talked about Big Data Extension’s user interface and made a mention about how you could combine vRealize Automation and BDE to leverage a self service offering of Hadoop, so here it’s.

To give you some context:

On this video you will see a Hadoop as a Service solution where vRA publishes Hadoop offerings. Once the client request it, the cluster  will be created through BDE and will be managed by Ambari Server.

vRA will be presenting two Hadoop Offerings, Standard and Flexible.

- Standard means that the topology, number of nodes, processing resources and components are all fixed, the client cannot change it’s design, it’s kind of a one click shop.

- Flexible, on the other hand, is target for more advanced Hadoop users, where they can decide the amount of nodes, change it’s vCPU/Memory and also what components to be installed, that’s the most interesting one and the one I show on the video.

The video was edited to fast forwarding some boring tasks, but the entirely process took about 35 minutes, amazing, right ?!?
How great is to offer your clients the power to create Hadoop Cluster in such time frame ?!?!

Have in mind it’s a solution target for a specific use case, with the power of vRA + BDE you could create your own offers with different scenarios and configurations.

Thanks for watching.

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