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Hot off the press, VMware Aria Operations 8.16 is here, bringing enhancements and exciting features. Amidst these upgrades, I want to highlight one particular change, Pricing Policy

Aria Operations goes beyond mere cost tracking; it enables you to set prices for each resource in your environment, irrespective of infrastructure costs. 
This approach brings visibility to end-users and departments, facilitating the creation of comprehensive chargeback reports. 
If the distinction between cost and price eludes you, check out this post for a clearer understanding.

While this change might be unnoticed for green field implementations, for existing customer upgrading Aria Operations there will a migration step need to enable the pricing policy.

Navigating to Configure / Cost Drivers / Pricing, a new warning message signals this shift. 
While you can delay this change, be mindful that it might be inevitable soon. Ready to take the plunge? Initiate the migration by selecting the Actions menu and choosing "Migrate Now."

In the migration process, your understanding and consent are mandatory. Hit "Migrate," understanding that this operation is irreversible.

In mere seconds, witness the completion of the migration, and voilà, you're now seamlessly operating with pricing policies.

For added assurance, check the migration logs under Administration / Audit / VC Pricing Migration Audit. Ensure all your pricing cards have transitioned successfully.

Post-migration, your policies reside under the default policy. However, they lack associated objects. Swiftly associate your objects within the policies, ensuring a continuous pricing calculation. 

Editing the policy you can update the Name and get rid of the random characters.
The heart of your pricing strategy lies in VC Pricing. Dive into the details, update as needed.
To associate the objects click on "Groups and Objects," and select the objects to which policies will apply.

Under the "Objects" tab, select the object where the pricing policy will be applied. For instance, if you have distinct vSphere Clusters, like I do, craft a specific policy for each one of them.

Just save the changes and you have sucessfully migrate to Pricing Policy !!!

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