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In the fiercely competitive realm of business, companies invest significantly in marketing endeavors to create your own signature. This commitment to distinctiveness extends to all facets of their digital presence, including service portals and web pages. 

VMware Aria Automation, recognizing the importance of this brand individuality, offering seamless customization options.
Let's delve into how you can fully tailor it to reflect your distinctive brand.

Begin with the default page, a blank canvas waiting for your brand's essence.

Navigate to the left menu and click on "Branding." 
Here, every field is self-explanatory, allowing you to effortlessly infuse your personality, colors, and logos. 

From selecting your logo to defining the header background color, the options are comprehensive. With a simple click on "Apply," witness the instant metamorphosis of your portal into a branded masterpiece.


The login page, the gateway to your portal, is governed by vIDM (VMware Identity Manager).

To customize it, head to the vIDM Admin console (https:/"vIDM_FQDN"/SAAS/admin). 
Under the "Identity & Access Management" tab, click on "Setup"...


  to reveal the coveted "Custom Branding" option.



Under "Names & Logos", you can refine your browser title page, effortlessly aligning it with your brand essence.

Creating a personalized page title;


Delving deeper into customization by navigating to the "Sign-in Screen" section. 
Here, intuitive fields allow you to control the visual elements of your login screen. 

With each customization, your portal seamlessly mirrors your corporate identity, creating a lasting impression on every user.

One last final touch allows to enhance user experience further by customizing password recovery information.

 In the "Manage" section, discover "Password Recovery Assistance." 
Craft your own messages or provide URLs for users to reset passwords, seek additional information, or open support cases


This level of customization ensures that every interaction aligns with your brand's communication style.

Happy customization !!!!

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