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In the recent release of VMware Aria Automation 8.16.1, a subtle yet impactful change has taken place, the Plugin-based elements for Native Public Cloud (NPC) have been deprecated.

Introduced back in May 2023, the Plugin-based framework has undergone evolution, supporting major players like AWS, Google, and Azure. Despite its progress, it's essential to note that this framework remained in beta, susceptible to changes, as explicitly documented.

Even when creating a new blueprint cloud template, observant users might have noticed a warning message hinted at the provisional nature of this feature.

Up to Aria Automation 8.16 there was several NPC plugin based elements;

As of Automation 8.16.1, the curtain has fallen on NPC plugin-based elements. They are no longer available in the platform, and any deployments relying on them will face inevitable failures.

Before initiating the migration, carefully consider alternative elements and frameworks that align with your specific needs. Explore options that provide the required functionalities without relying on the now deprecated NPC plugin-based elements.

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