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Embarking on our journey toward a self-healing infrastructure, today's focus is on amplifying the actions within VMware Aria Operations through VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator workflows.

In my previous blog post, we seamlessly integrated our management platform, Aria Operations, with the automation engine, Aria Automation Orchestrator. The immediate boon? An expanded array of actions accessible directly from the Operations UI, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth with the vCenter console and conducting in a new era of agile operations.

This new capability exponentially multiplies the opportunities, exposing hundreds of workflows. But you might notice not all of them are readily available. 

Here's the catch: you need to bind the workflows with a specific object, defining the target for execution. 


Follow these steps to bind workflows to objects:

  • Navigate to: Environment / Inventory / Adapter Instances / Orchestrator Adapter Instance / Aria Orchestrator.

  • Select the desired workflow and click on the gear icon to "Create/Modify."


  • Bind the resource type by specifying the right Resource Type and Target Resource Type (must be the same), in this case, Virtual Machine. Select Add for the operation field. 

In instants , your new action is ready to be fired on

But what about your precious custom workflows? 

Aria Operations doesn't automatically fetch all workflows; 


Here's where a bit of customization comes into play.

  • First, create a package in Orchestrator containing the workflows you wish to make available in Operations.

    • Head to Environment / Inventory / Adapter Instances and select Orchestrator Adapter Instance.

    • Under Aria Orchestrator, click on the gear icon and choose "Configure Package Discovery".

    • Add your package name to the list of discovered packages and kickstart the action.

in a few minutes, your custom workflow is added to the list


Once your package is discovered and your custom workflow is available inside the platform you just need to bind it to an object just like we did for regular workflows.

This harmonious integration not only broadens the spectrum of actions at your disposal but also underscores the flexibility to tailor your operations.

Next, we will cover how to automate those actions to a real self-healing infrastructure

stay tuned

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