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 A new era of innovation and simplicity is dawning as VMware by Broadcom takes decisive steps towards customer success. This journey begins with a strategic portfolio simplification, aimed at crafting the most comprehensive and integrated private cloud platform, VMware Cloud Foundation.

In the spirit of this transformation, VMware Aria is no longer a standalone solution; it has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of VCF. This integration marks the inception of a dynamic phase where we anticipate a flurry of integrations and customer-driven feature releases in the coming months.


VMware Aria Automation 
On-Premises: version 8.16 on 17/Jan/2024 - 
Release notes:

  • Secrets received a much-asked feature, Organization Scope, allowing your secrets to be globally shared and avoiding extra configurations;

  • Following the steps of Virtual Machine rebuild, it's now possible to rebuild everything from the Deployment level;

VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator

On-Premises: version 8.16 on 17/Jan/2024 - Release notes:


  • Enhanced Orchestrator access management with dedicated roles;


VMware Aria Operations 

On-Premises: version 8.14.1 on 16/Jan/2024 - Release notes:

  • It's a maintenance release, some fixes include;
    • missing Dashboard names;
    • Internal error message when navigating to resource summary;
    • Notification sent regardless of status;
    • Ping check not working when Timeout value is not a float;
    • K8s cluster/namespace cost;
    • /var/log/messages rotation.


Bonus Track


VMware Aria SaaS (Automation/Operations) is going into End of Availability, meaning new customers won't be able to purchase or onboard into those services,  for customers with an ongoing/valid subscription there will be no interruption of services, and will be supported until the end of its contract normally. Although SaaS services will no longer receive updates other than security and bug fixes, so we recommend customers migrate those services to on-prem. More details can be found here:

A VMware Aria Automation vulnerability Missing Access Control vulnerability has been reported to VMware and the fix has already been released. Please, update your system as soon as possible; details VMSA-2024-0001

Don't lose support !!!


Aria Automation 8.12    end of support by April 20th, 2024.

Aria Automation 8.12.1 end of support by May 15th, 2024.

Aria Automation 8.12.2 end of support by June 29th, 2024.

Aria Automation 8.13    end of support by August 03rd, 2024.

Aria Operations for Logs 8.10 end of support by April 28th, 2024.

Check the product lifecycle matrix for more details: We strongly recommend keeping your solutions to the latest version possible, ensuring the best experience and active support. 

Maintaining your environment up to date has been incredibly ease and automated with the use of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

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