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When it comes to monitoring and operating VMware Cloud Foundation environments, VMware Aria Operations stands as the unparalleled champion. From robust capacity management and observability to cost analysis and compliance tracking, it proves itself as THE BEST platform for comprehensive management.

However, with maturity in operations comes a natural desire for more autonomous processes, ones infused with self-healing mechanisms and automated remediations. Aria Operations doesn't just meet this desire; it exceeds expectations.

Within its arsenal are pre-built workflows that work wonders in various scenarios, but the real magic happens when you extend its reach and craft your customized remediations through the use of VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator workflows, seamlessly integrated as part of the VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator.

Once installed, you just need to add a new integration.


One common roadblock manifests as an authentication error as follow:

"Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name an password"

Turns out you need to enable basic authentication on Orchestrator to allow this communication:

- Navigate to the Orchestrator Control Center: https://"FQDN"/vco-center

- Select System Properties

- add a new property as bellow:

key:    com.vmware.o11n.sso.basic-authentication.enabled

value: true


Give it some minutes to Orchestrator service to restart and voila !!!

With this simple adjustment, you transcend the barriers to customized remediations. 

Dont miss how to expand the actions available in Aria Operations with custom workflows and the final destination of this journey, enabling a self-healing autonomous remediation platform.

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