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 In the complex landscape of VMware Aria Automation cloud templates, the need often arises to incorporate sensitive information: passwords, license keys, webhooks, and more.
The challenge lies in maintaining security while utilizing these crucial elements within the templates without compromissing it.

Enter "Secrets," a resilient and encrypted mechanism within automation. It serves as a guardian, allowing you to create, store, and reuse vital values in your cloud templates without exposing them to end-users.

While Secrets have long been a valiant feature, they were project-based, necessitating the recreation of the same secret for each project over and over.

Not anymore,  VMware Aria Automation 8.16, now, you can harness the power of Global Secrets, transcending the limitations of project-specific confinement. This means a single secret can now be available across all your projects.

When setting up the secret, you have the option to choose its scope, either Organization or Project-based. Opting for Organization ensures it's universally accessible, streamlining your workflow and eliminating redundant configurations.


While Organization Secrets provide a universal solution, the option to create project-based secrets still exists. This is where you can cherry-pick specific projects that will consume these secrets.


The beauty lies in flexibility, tailoring the configuration to match your project's unique requirements.
Happy Automation !!!

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