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In just over 100 days since Broadcom's acquisition, VMware's journey toward crafting the ultimate private Cloud Platform is swiftly taking shape.

A shining example of this integrated approach is VMware Private AI. Users now can run GPU-based Machine Learning and AI workloads on top of their preferred platform, VMware Cloud Foundation, boasting guaranteed performance and reliability synonymous with VMware.

But the innovation doesn't halt there. VMware Aria Operations has seamlessly adapted to this new frontier, enabling the collection and monitoring of GPU metrics. This empowers users to troubleshoot issues, craft insightful dashboards, set up alerts, and generate comprehensive reports for their artificial intelligence workloads.

In alignment with this advancement, VMware Aria Automation introduces Private AI Automation Services. This offering simplifies consumption and automates the provisioning of highly advanced ML/AI resources, guiding in a new era of efficiency and productivity.
More details bellow:

VMware Aria Automation 
On-Premises: version 8.16.2 build: 23505094 on 21/Mar/2024 -  Release notes:

  • Debut of Private AI Automation Services for NVIDIA GPU Operator, quickly enablement and design to offer AI optimized infrastructure catalog items for GPU based workloads;

  • Cloud Consume Interface (CCI) available on-premises, enabling DevOps users to work with vSphere Namespaces to consume self-services Kubernetes services;
  • New day 2 action to rename Disk resources for easily distinguish;


On-Premises: version 8.16.1 build: 23373968 on 29/Feb/2024 - Release notes:


VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator

On-Premises: version 8.16.2 build: 23466433 on 21/Mar/2024 - Release notes:

  • Node.js version 20 is available. Version 18 is deprecated and will be removed on future releases;
  • PowerShell 7.4 (LTS) is available;
  • PowerCLI version 13 is available. Version 12 is deprecated and will be removed on future releases;

On-Premises: version 8.16.1 build: 23103968 on 29/Feb/2024 - Release notes:

  • Removal of JDBC driver for Oracle database is removed; To manage Oracle databases make use of the SQL plugin instead; 

VMware Aria Automation Config 

On-premises: version 8.16.2 build:  23435198     available on 21/Mar/2024 - Release notes:

  • It's a maintenance release covering some bugs fixed;

On-premises: version 8.16.1 build: 23266830 available on 29/Feb/2024 - Release notes:

  • Unified view of activities, including all return status;
  • Return status is automatically updated, no more need to refresh the page;
  • Debian 10 CIS benchmark;

VMware Aria Operations 

On-premises 8.16.1 build: 23365475 (29/Feb) - Release notes:

  • new global setting property has been added to disable the ownership account in Credential Management, feature introduced back in Ops 8.14;
  • Some product bugs and CVE have been fixed as documented in KB96635;

On-premises version 8.16 build: 23251571 on 20/Feb/2024 - Release notes:

  • Enhanced accuracy in network performance monitoring;
    • Enhanced granularity of packet loss from 5% to 1%;
    • Reduced maximum wait times from 1000ms to 2000ms, ensuring quicker response;
    • Increase burst size to 100 packets;
    • New properties for LLDP; MTU Size, Port description, LACP;
  • Using Machine Learning techniques, Operations can now identify root alerts which might be the source of secondary alerts and impact others objects as well, group them together for an ease of consumption and faster identification of RCA, this grouping capability is called Intelligent Alerts clustering;

  • Updated compliance Pack for VMware Cloud Foundation 4.5;
  • New feature for Business Intent allows the exclusion of VMs and Cluster from the Workload Placement;

  • New GPU Metrics for VMware Private AI;
  • End of support for Remote collector; starting with Ops 8.16 it will no longer work. It was announced back in Ops 8.10. Migrate to Cloud Proxy to ensure continuous data collection
  • User experience has been improved grouping Alerts, Symptoms and Events under the same view significantly reducing RCA;

  • All capabilities of Chargeback (previous Tenant App) are now natively available in Operations;
  • Less used Widgets will be deprecated, see the full list here;

  • Multi language support other than Browser Language, located under user's preferences;


VMware Aria Operations for Logs  

On-premises 8.16 build: 23264422 (29/Feb)

  • New APIs
    • User, groups and roles management;
    • Log forwarding monitoring capabilities;
  • A more streamline and intuitive experience has been implemented for log export and dashboard sharing;
  • Some security fixes as documented in KB96438

Bonus Track


VMware Aria Lifecycle 

On-premises 8.16 build: 23377566 on 29/Feb/2024 - Release notes:

When deploying with OVF tool user can type a personalized admin’s password instead of relying on the default password;
“Only Sync” option when executing vSphere Template content-type capture;

Support for Aria Suite 8.16.x products installation;





VMware Aria SaaS (Automation/Operations) is going into End of Availability, meaning new customers won't be able to purchase or onboard into those services,  for customers with an ongoing/valid subscription there will be no interruption of services, and will be supported until the end of its contract normally. Although SaaS services will no longer receive updates other than security and bug fixes, so we recommend customers migrate those services to on-prem. More details can be found here:

Don't lose support !!!
Aria Automation 8.12    end of support by April 20th, 2024.
Aria Automation 8.12.1 end of support by May 15th, 2024.
Aria Automation 8.12.2 end of support by June 29th, 2024.
Aria Automation 8.13    end of support by August 03rd, 2024.
Aria Operations for Logs 8.10 end of support by April 28th, 2024.

Check the product lifecycle matrix for more details: We strongly recommend keeping your solutions to the latest version possible, ensuring the best experience and active support. 
Maintaining your environment up to date has been incredibly ease and automated with the use of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.


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