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In the ever-expanding landscape of environments reaching hundreds if not thousands of workloads, the critical task of patching systems stands as a primordial task against vulnerabilities and security threats. While manual efforts are impractical as workloads proliferate, the significance of an automated platform becomes essential. 

VMware Aria Automation Config is a powerhouse of automation that not only accelerates the fortification of your environment but also reduces drastically operational expenses.

Among its array of capabilities, one feature shines brightly: Vulnerability Management. This element allows administrators to seamlessly scan, report, and remediate vulnerabilities across the environment. 

VMware Aria Automation Config still evolving toward a foolproof vulnerability management process, starting with version 8.14.1 . Now, administrators can apply states both before and after patching. 


The reasons might vary, but I want to give you some examples:


You might want to prepare the system before it gets the patch:

  • stop a database or a service;
  • take a backup of a configuration file;
  • clean up file-system.


A new patch might introduce some new configuration set or revert your customized hardening :

  • parametrize some new settings; 
  • remove new users created as part of the patching process;
  • re-apply your hardening;
  • restart database or service.

This addition ensures not just the application of patches but a meticulous verification process, guaranteeing a successful and secure outcome.

Happy patching

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