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Another fresh year has just started and with that the undeniable hope that anything is possible. 

Looking back of my 2022 resolutions I think I did pretty well, I kept blogging !!!

Recently I just moved to a new role inside VMware, focusing entirely at VMware Aria portfolio; it gives me more perspective and access to other customers and their challenges and so it will all feed my creativity and consequently this blog.

Last year I did some tweaks to my analytics, because I believe some of the traffic has been generated by bots or searching tools algorithms, now it's time to see how it affects my results:

In 2021 alone my blog got 21,294 pages views, coming from all parts of the globe, to be precise from 150 different countries. The US is still my #1 source of users representing more than 25% of the traffic, China on the other hand is not on top 10 anymore, wondering if it was due to my changes I did..

here are the topics with more interest:

#1 Demystifying Aria (not ranked last year)

#2 VMware script to delete/remove VMs, guest (#1)

#3  VMware Converter configurations tips (#4)

#4  ESXi password complexity requirements (#2

#5  VMFS Version – VMWARE Datastore (#3

#6 VMware NSX and the dropped packets tale (not ranked last year)

#7 Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster creation stucks (not ranked last year)

#8  ESXi Host upgrade failed – 0x8b in position 513 (#5)

#9  vSphere 5.5 Guest OS support matrix (#6

#10 NSX reference poster (#10)

It's amazing to see the interest around VMware Aria announcement, with only a few months out there, it still made my #1 post, taking out the crown from the script one.

Also, I decided it's time for a new theme and appearance for this blog, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Happy New Year !!!

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