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It's hard to imagine a 2021 review without thinking about the challenges we all faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for the ones who lost someone down the road, and from all my heart here are my condolences to all of you, let's keep our selves safe while we still see this pandemic fade away.

On the professional aspect, I'm proud of myself for the content I produced last year, it was far from my glorious years but still way better than the last 2 years, so I have nothing to complain about.

And now the Numbers.

In 2021 alone my blog got 26,402 pages view, coming from all parts of the globe, to be precise from 162 different countries. The US is still my #1 source of users representing more than 20% of the traffic.

Let's see what topics most interest you.... yeah.... the script to remove VMs still smashing skulls since 2010. (Go figure)

But I'm also glad to see that one post from 2021 made it to TOP 10.... can you guys guess each one ?

#1.  VMware script to delete/remove VMs, guest (Kept #1 from previous year)
#6.  vSphere 5.5 Guest OS support matrix (not ranked last year) 
#8.  Demystifying vSphere Replication 8.4 (not ranked last year)
#9.  vSAN stretched cluster topology explained (not ranked last year)
#10  NSX reference poster (not ranked last year)
Without creating any goals or expectations for 2022 I start this year with the intention to keep blogging, it's good for my creativity, for my well-being but especially with a sense that I'm helping someone out there.
Keep Safe!!!

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