Tuesday, July 8, 2014

vCNS Manager Upgrade Step by Step

From time to time, it’s likely that you need to upgrade your products, it might be due a new version or a security fix, like Heartbleed threat.

 Let me show you a step by step procedure on how to upgrade vCNS Manager.

First of all, take a snapshot of your vCNS Manager, so you can revert it in case of an upgrade failure;

- Download the upgrade bundle package;

- Open vCNS Manager Admin Page;
- Click on Settings and Reports and on Updates Tab.

- Click on Upload Upgrade Bundle than browser for the file you just downloaded and click Upload File;

- Click OK to confirm the operation;

- Click Install to proceed with the upgrade;

- Click  Confirm Install;

 At this point the upgrade will be installed and vCNS Manager will be rebooted to conclude the upgrade process.
You can check the progress on the status chart on the upper right corner
Once it’s done, just wait a few minutes and click on the link to login again and check the status of the upgrade process

 Go to the Updates tab to check the current version installed.

After validation that everything is working as expected, dont forget to remove the snapshot.

For more details check the Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Now you need to upgrade the routers and firewalls of your environment, I'm talking about vCNS Edge, here's a procedure that shows how..... coming soon

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