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Recently I had the opportunity to read the RabbitMQ Essentials book, published by Packt Publishing, and I’d like to share with you my thoughts about this book.

The title of the book let me to believe it was an infrastructure book, which would explain us all the concept and RabbitMQ’s components in a traditional way, like an entirely section dedicated to exchanges and all their settings, other just about queues and so one, but I soon realized it has been written oriented to software architects and engineers.

I decided to give it a change anyway.

The methodology used buy the authors are a kind of role play model. There’s this fictitious company with a need for a new solution and as the chapters evolves the challenges and needs of this company evolves as well.

Like in the real world, the authors are solving immediate needs to fulfill a solution, the solution are very well explained, but they don’t explain further options or another settings that might exist, just because it did not matter for the solution at that time.
But as new needs and challenges pops up, new concepts and setting are getting introduced and explained.

Letting you to learn as you need and not everything at once.

In my opinion, they could cover more about the Admin GUI interface, they don’t mention about how to use it to create exchanges and queues for instances, instead there are codes that show will how to do all of that. It fits perfectly for programing guys that might be looking for it, but not for and infrastructure guys, like me, I like the GUIs : )

The programing guys will love the hundreds of lines of code and examples to implement a messaging solution; it might be that start they need to writte their own solutions.
Ohh, did I mention you can also download all those codes from the website ? Yes, you can.

But what about the Infrastructure guys ? I still think there’s value on it, specially Chapter 7, Taking RabbitMQ to Production, which is all about making RabbitMQ high available with the use of a clustering solution, is not it what all infrastructures guys care about or what ?!?!

There are a lot of digital options available and also a print one, go check it out.

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