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 Following Chargeback and vSphere Storage Appliance, it’s now time of vCenter Heartbeat being announced as End of Availability (EOA).

I know I mention it twice already, but it worth to mention again.

End of Availability (EOA) is not End of Life (EOL), which means, when a product is EOA you will not be able to purchase it anymore, for Heartbeat this date was June 2nd, 2014.
Since it’s NOT EOL yet, you can still using the product for as long as you wish, VMware will still provide support and release fix patches until the EOL of the product, which for Heartbeat is September 19th, 2018. (more details you can check at the VMware’s LifeCicle Matrix)

If we think about it for a minute, we will see why VMware is doing that.
That’s my point of view of this situation, let’s see if I can persuade you ; )

- VMware is moving all it’s components toward an appliance oriented solution, since Heartbeat is a Windows base solution it does not fit on this vision;
- As a best practice, vCenter should be installed on a virtual server, in this case High Availability provides enough protection for the majority of business case;
- The complexity of installing and managing Heartbeat does not result in meaningful uptime for the application if compared to High Availability.

Does that mean VMware is not concerned about other options to protect it’s core service ?
Absolutely NOT, I’m sure we will see soon new ways of protecting it.

Stay tuned

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