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On my last post we talked about the AD integration with ESX 3.5.
Now it’s time to cover it under the new ESX version, vSphere 4.1

Instead of having to create local users on your hosts and configure LPAD direction you can make your ESX 4.x member of the domain. That’s right. It’s a new functionality for ESX 4.x, you can actually make your ESX host a member of the domain and setup privileges based on the AD users and groups.

Just for the record, ESX make is possible through Likewise.

Because I don’t like to reinvent the wheel, I will not describe here all the steps to configure it, I’m pretty sure if you do a google search you will find a lot of references on how to accomplish that, So I will show will this video that covers all the aspects on how to configure it.

If you want to know more check it out.
Have fun

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