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It has been quite a while since my last post, that’s because I was wrapping up my studies to take 70-649 Microsoft exam, it’s intent for the ones upgrading their MCSE to the new Microsoft Titles as MCTS and MCITP

I know I’m a “little” behind the schedule, but so much to learn on so many areas…anyway, first step has been taken. I passed !!

But that’s not I want to talk about on this post.

Do you remember when I wrote about the Vmware Vsphere HA and DRS Technical deepdive book ?

It has happen that Alan Renouf, owner of the Virtu-al.net web site has created a script that queries your cluster and compare it to the best practices presented by the book and provide recommendations.

Be aware, the recommendations are based on book's best practices and despite the fact it has been written for some skilled guys there's not size that fits all.
So, the idea is to learn the details, understand your environment and if it’s the case, fix them.

At least it’s a wonderful tool to document your environment.

How to use. (dont need to mention to download the script, right)
- Start vSphere PowerCli
- Run the script from the powercli console
- Fill the fields with your Virtual Center Name, your ID, password and the location to safe your report

- Then click Connect

In a few seconds the report will open, as you can see bellow there are so many cool details.

I recommend a try

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