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Once again, we embark on an exciting journey through the ever-evolving realm of VMware Aria. In the recent VMware Explore event, VMware unvelead a strategic shift aimed at turbocharging customer's modern application endeavors. At the heart of this transformation lies the birth of a new unit known as Tanzu Intelligence. As part of this initiative, several products have found their new home under this umbrella, including Tanzu Hub (formerly Aria Hub), Tanzu CloudHealth (formerly Aria Cost), and Tanzu Guardrails (formerly Aria Guardrails). As a result, these solutions will not be part of this newsletter anymore.

Stay tuned as I bring you the freshest updates from the VMware Aria landscape.

VMware Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation)

Cloud: August release available on 29/Aug/2023 - Release notes:
On-premises: version 8.13.1 available on 07/Sep/2023

  • Custom naming for plugin based resources, just like the classic resources;
  • Several new day-2 actions for plugin based resources, Instances Power On/Off, LB and RDS delete, Storage bucket delete, amoong others
  • New dedicated cloud account for connected vSphere+; vCenters from the same Org can be more convenient onboarded withou the need of cloud proxies;
  • Catalog in Service Broker became more friendly, option for card and viewer list are available;
  • Support for Salt Onedir packages;
  • Terraform support for versions greater than 1.5.5 will no longer be supported due to Hashicorp license changes;


On-premises: version 8.13 available on 03/Aug/2023

  • Support for external GCP TCP Load Balancer;
  • Now administrators have a view of which objects are bilable from the home screen;

  • New Day-2  action allow to change Azure disks tier;
  • New Day-2 action to unregister VM from inventory without deleting it;
  • On-boarded vSphere Machines can be rebuilded from Automation;
  • There's now an option to ignore powered off VM from quota consideration;
  • Root level blueprint custom form along with ability to import custom from from another catalog item;


VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator

On-Premises: 8.13.1 release available on 07/Sep/2023 - Release notes:


  • Defined number of vAPI metamodels by a property, preventing excessive memory consumption;

VMware Aria Automation Config (formerly SaltStack Config)

On-Premises: 8.13.1 release available on 07/Sep/2023 - Release notes:


  • Support for Salt Onedir packages;


Cloud: August release available on 29/Aug/2023

  • Qualys Vulnerability scan import is now available in the UI.


VMware Aria Operations for Logs (formerly vRealize Log Insight)
Cloud: August release available on 23/Aug/2023 - release notes

  •  Pause recurring alerts; pausing some alerts while you are trooubleshooting it might come in handy;



If you missed the news from June-July it's all posted in here:

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