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Since its release in April 2023, VMware Aria Automation has been a game-changer, including for on-prem implementations with version 8.12. Gone are the days of being confined to a single custom form per catalog item. 

Now, you have the power to create multiple custom form versions! This newfound flexibility and creativity allow you to cater precisely to your customers' diverse needs.


For years, custom forms have been a cornerstone in addressing complex template requirements, providing seamless inputs and data validation to enhance the user experience and eliminate errors. 


However, there's a minor catch in this exciting new model: Custom Forms are now linked to their respective Catalog Item version. When you release a new version to the catalog, it won't automatically inherit the previous custom forms. 

 But don't fret, VMware recently made some adjuts to streamline the process. Now, with just a few clicks, you can make magic happen. Simply click on the ellipsis close to your recently released version and select "New Form From".

VoilĂ ! You can now choose a form from another catalog item version. Your new catalog item will seamlessly inherit all the visuals and logic of the custom form you previously created. 

This clever enhancement saves you valuable hours of work, one form at a time. 


And the good news doesn't end there! The traditional method of Exporting/Importing custom forms is still available, providing you with additional flexibility and ease of use.






Happy Automation !!!

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