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In the realm of automation, the quest for enhanced governance takes center stage, specially as the digital landscape continues its exponential growth, overseeing workloads becomes an imperative chore and my recent immersion has led me to unveil yet another extensibility action that amplifies the prowess of VI administrators.

Today, I'm excited to share a VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator workflow that significantly bolsters governance, offering the ability to quickly identify creator and creation timestamp of each VM within vCenter itself. This elegantly simple solution entails utilizing vCenter's annotations/notes, seamlessly appended to VMs upon provisioning.

At the heart of this automation lies a key Event Subscription watching for the "Compute Post Provisioning" event, a pivotal trigger that sets the stage for the magic to unfold. Upon this event, the orchestration gracefully invokes the "SetNotesAutomation" workflow. It's worth noting that precision in our filtering mechanism ensuring that this automation exclusively fires for the vCenter endpoint.
Deployments destined for Native Public Clouds remain untouched by this process.

With this in place, the outcome is remarkable: every vSphere virtual machine brought to life through Aria Automation becomes adorned with automatically populated annotations, ready to be accessed at any moment.

But that's not all. To truly embrace the spirit of ease and efficiency, I've included the "SetNotes" workflow in my Orchestrator package. 


This nifty addition becomes your Day-2 action, seamlessly integrated as a Resource Action.

Now, within the realms of Aria Automation, you wield the power to effortlessly add or update VM notes—a process that embodies the essence of harmonious automation.

So, fellow automation enthusiasts, you can download this package from VMware Code and start your own automation venture.

Happy automation !!!

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