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VMware Aria Automation revolutionizes the way we approach automation, delivering tailored offers and services, enhancing productivity, and the flexibility to navigate through a swiftly transforming landscape.

A standout feature within this evolution is Action-Based Extensibility (abx), a transformative element that allows seamlessly integrating with external tools. This enriches Aria Automation's intrinsic capabilities, empowering you to craft workflows meticulously align with your unique business processes.
The result? A streamlined operation that cuts out repetitive manual tasks, conducting in a new era of automation efficiency.

Today, I want to spotlight how Aria Automation elevates visibility and awareness. Specifically, exploring the avenue of messaging platforms. Leveraging Slack messages to a designated channel upon deployment completion informing and communicating in real-time.

The prerequisite is simple: setting up a Slack incoming webhook tailored to your desired channel. Here's a step-by-step guide to accomplishing this:

With this foundation in place, let's return to the core of automation: Assembler. Here, we create a notification Action to achieve our objective. 


The following code snippet is Python-based, though Aria Automation flexibly supports also node.js and PowerShell, allowing you to select the language that resonates with your expertise.


The only customization needed pertains to your Slack channel's incoming webhook URL. I'm leveraging a secret for enhanced security, but feel free to hardcode it or use another abx input. Remember, apply the appropriate adjustments.

With your meticulously designed action primed and ready, the next step in this automation journey is creating a subscription that elegantly listens for the desired event, ready to ignite the notification process. 


From now one we can be notified when a deployment is created or deleted !!

This package is available for your appreciation at VMware Code. Furthermore, for the curious collaborators and code enthusiasts, the repository awaits your exploration on my Git repository


Happy notification !!!

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