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VMware Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation) is now capable of deploying GCP TCP Load Balancers as of the February 2003 release or 8.11.1 for the on-prem form factor. This is a significant development for users of Aria Automation, as it expands their ability to deploy and manage load balancers on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

By using this resource, users can easily create a simple cloud template (blueprint) that includes a load balancer, cloud machine, and network resources, and deploy it in a matter of minutes.

You might be wondering why not a native Google Load Balancer Resource, due to the nature of Google's Load Balancers and how it's constructed it was much easier to implement using the Cloud Agnostic Load Balancer resource.

To create a GCP TCP Load Balancer using Aria Automation, users need to start by dragging the Cloud Agnostic, Machine, and Load Balancer resources onto the canvas. 

They then need to specify which network the load balancer will be connected to by creating a network profile and tagging the desired network. mine is net:default, which will later be used as a constraint in the template.


The load balancer and cloud machine are then connected to the same network, and the load balancer is connected to the cloud machine, which populates the instances property of the load balancer, which will be used to create the group members for the load balancing in GCP.

Adjust your cloud machine's properties, such as image and flavor to reflect the needs of your application. One nice touch would be to add Count to specify how many instances to be deployed and a Saltack resource to install and configure your application during provisioning.

Lastly, you need to customize the routes property of the load balancer, while you can type all the parameters I think it's faster/safer to go into the Properties tab. 

Hit the Plus sign and fill out the form accordingly to your application needs.

It's deployment time !!!
If you did everything right, your deployment will be ready in a few minutes.

Once the deployment is complete, users can view their newly created GCP TCP Load Balancer on the Load Balancing page in GCP, along with the associated group members and health check. Firewall rules are also created to allow incoming connections.


Load Balancer:

Group Members:

Health Checks:

Firewall Rules

Overall, the ability to deploy GCP TCP Load Balancers using Aria Automation is a valuable addition for users of this platform and demonstrates the platform's continued evolution to meet the changing needs of its users, check the documentation for a more sophisticated deployment or additional advanced properties available.

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