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Have you ever wondered how many images your organization is using across different platforms such as hyperscalers, vSphere clouds, and on-premises environments? 
Hypescalers provide hundreds of images variation, based on target operation systems, configuration settings, functions, deployment intents, etc...


VMware Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation), through the use of image mappings, helps you simplify your offers by creating standardized templates which could be used across all your platforms without the need to adjust them for each cloud destination.

Image mapping is a feature that allows mapping a source virtual machine image to a target image during provisioning.
Sound easy right, but the challenge is to identify the right image based on the IDs once you have thousands of returning result provided to you.


Let's explore the topic further of how to pick up the right image.

For Amazon Web Services :
AWS provides an AMI Catalog where you can use the search to find the image you need.

Once you find your desired image, just copy the AMI ID.

For Google Cloud Services:
You can find the images under Compute Engine, just use the filter to limit the results of your search. Once you find it, click on your desired image.

The image's detail page will display the ID on the top along with other details about it.

For Azure Services:
Go to Azure Marketplace and use the search box to identify your desired image.
Next open the terminal,  top right option.

Azure CLI would be used to find your desired image, you can filter the results based on additional parameters, like publisher, offer, SKU, etc...
Once you find it, take note of the urn information.

For vSphere based:
Well, that's easier of them all. just type the template's name during image mapping.

Now you can complete your image mapping with the information you gathered and that's it.

I'm sure there are probably other ways to gather this information, let me know in the comments the strategies you have been using.


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