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Versioning is a vital process in software development that involves assigning unique identifiers to software releases or updates. It helps developers track changes, manage different codebase versions, collaborate effectively, identify and fix bugs, test changes in isolation, and provide targeted support for different software versions.

VMware Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation) adhere to all these best practices helping developers to offer better and better offerings for their end users.

Recently one customer of mine asked what's the purpose of the Description and Change Log and where they can see it.

Typically, the Description illustrates high-level information such as features, benefits, etc.. on the other hand, the Change Log records modifications made to the code including bug fixes, updates and new features. But feel free to use it as it best fits the needs of your organization.

To the question itself, where to check this information?
On the cloud template's version history tab, you will notice those notes grouped with the specific version for easier identification. The diff view is also super helpful to identify the changes between versions.

It also raises another question, what about the description we get on the Catalog itself ?

When you first create your template you can define the description of your offer. 

If there's a need to change it later down the road you can also do it by hitting settings on the cloud template design.

Being descriptive helps a lot to identify exactly what they might be looking for.

Happy Automation !!!

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