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Last post we understood how important is the topology awaress when deploying Hadoop Cluster.
In order to vSphere Big Data Extension be able to leverage your topology awareness,  you need to fill the system with your topology information.

If you did not provide any topology information the only method available will be HOST_AS_RACK

Let's see how can we provide topology information to BDE

-       First, start creating a text file with your rack information 
The format is rackname: host1, host2, host3

rack01, esxi01.local, esxi02.local
rack02, esxi03.local, esxi04.local

obs: rack name can be anything you want

-       Run the command; topology upload –filename “file” 

To confirm your topology has been uploaded to BDE run: topology list  

Now when you are creating your cluster you will see the RACK_AS_RACK as an available method

If HVE is available for your Hadoop distribution, it will also shows on the list (not my case).

See you

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