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Nowadays, usability is one of the keys success for any product, nobody likes a product that’s complex, hard to interact with and have a big learning curve, no matter how good and amazing the product might be.

Thinking about that, VMware, provides two interfaces to interact with Big Data Extension, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Command Line Interface (CLI).
Each one has it’s own merits and fits the needs of all users kind, let’s explore them a little bit.

The GUI is the most intuitive and easy to use of them, based on the already know vSphere Web Interface it takes almost no time to learn how to operate it, being the recommend tool for the majority of Big Data Users.

Once BDE plug-in is register, it will show up on the vSphere Web Client like any other feature.

From there you can manage all features of BDE as, adding/removing resources, configuring additional Application Managers and the most important on: creating/deleting and managing Hadoop Clusters.

The cluster creation is intuitive, just click “Add New Cluster” and the Wizard will guide you through it.

 In the other hand we have CLI, which is the most powerful and flexible tool to manage BDE, recommended for Big Data Hard Users. It allows the same functionalities of the GUI but also allows the creation of more advanced, customized and complex clusters topologies based on JSON configuration files, extending the functionalities provided by the GUI.

To start with, you will need to download the CLI from the BDE server, from the address: http://”bde_server”/cli

Just download the zip file and extract it to your local drive.

To initiate the CLI run the following command:
java –jar serengeti-cli-x.x.x.jar

obs: you must have java already installed.

Once started you will need to connect to your BDE server, run:
connect --host “bde_server":8443

To learn the commands and syntaxes available you can just run help, but I strongly recommend you to read the vSphere Big DataExtensions Command-Line Interface Guide for full understanding of all features.

Here’s an extra bonus tip, besides of GUI and CLI and you leverage vRealize Automation to provide to your internal users a Hadoop as a Service Offering, leveraging the power of BDE and the friendly user interface of vRA.

 I’ll show you how on a future post, keep watching.

Here's the link for the post using vRA as a Interface for Hadoop as a Service Offering.


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