Friday, October 24, 2014

VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered Certification

Members of VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers (old VSPP) can submit their Cloud solutions for a VMware’s certification, Hybrid Cloud Powered Certification.

I’m sure you can come up with a pretty extensive list of benefits for taking the certification, but here is the most common ones:
- Validate that your infrastructure is based on VMware Platform;
- Accelerate time to market;
- Differentiate your cloud services offering;
- Utilization of the logo on marketing materials.

The idea of this post is help you to go through the certification process.

The eligibility:
Partners must be enrolled in the VMware vCloud Air Network Program (formerly called the VMware Service Provider Program) and have a signed contract with an authorized VMware Aggregator for a minimum of 3600 points.

Besides the eligibility, you need to adhere to the technical requirements, basically anyone with a public vCloud Director implementation is a cadidate, nothing fancy is required, read it carefully and I will fill in the gaps:

Tip1: Step Org Network Availability
While the requirements say the user should have at least vApp Author role, I could not not pass this step until I did not set the user as an Org Admin.

Tip2: Step Access vCloud controller from vApp
The requirements do not specify which distribution of linux is required. You can use any one supported by vCloud Director.
Also it does not specify if any package should be installed. I learned the hard way, installing a package at a time and testing, once I installed the packages bellow I could get passed this step:
- cURL;
- telnet;
- wget;
- bind utils.

Tip3: OVF Support
Make sure you did not enable Quarantine on vCloud Director
Also, make sure the public address are set up correctly

IF you make everything right you should pass the certification in less than 20 minutes.

The process is entirely automatic, which I think is amazing.
A few minutes later I received an e-mail congratulating me and some instructions to add the Service Provider to VMware’s vCloud Air Network Service Provider Portal.

Go for it, you have nothing to lose. 

In case you wanna watch the process, here a steb by step video...

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