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Have you ever faced a preparation error while configuring VXLAN ???

Regardless if it was part of a bad preparation, a partially installation or an old configuration remaining on the hosts, you might end up not being able to configure VXLAN and will be presented with the error:
Cluster domain-cXX already has been configured with a mapping.

The issue is that a previous attempt was made and the configuration details was kept on vCNS Manager. To proceed you will need to clean that up.

I recommend you follow this fix with a VMware support representative, in any case, here’s how to fix it.

- Login to a server, which has cURL, installed (FYI: vCloud Director has cURL installed on the cells);
- run the following command;
curl -i -k -H "Content-type: application/xml" -u admin:”password” -X DELETE https://"vCNS”/api/2.0/vdn/map/cluster/”domain-cXX”/switches/dvs

replace password with the password of your vCNS Manager
replace vCNS  with the hostname of  your vCNS Manager
replace domain-CXX with the domain provided on the error message.

- Run the preparation again.

This time it will succeed.

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