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 If you are not following my vCloud adventure, I suggest you go back and read the first post about it ; )

In this post I will cover how to create and configure a RabbitMQ’s queue to receive the messages generated by VMware vCloud Director.

 Since vCloud Director does not communicate, natively, with vCenter Orchestrator, we need some component exchanging information between them, this component, RabbitMQ, will act between VMware vCloud Director and vCenter Orchestrator, exchanging messages about the VMs, so whenever some VM is created on vCloud, it’s information is published on RabbitMQ, so Orchestrator can consume this message and act based on your needs.

 For this integration to work you have to create, within RabbitMQ, an Exchange, a kind of post office that will receive all the messages, and a Queue, a kind of a mailbox, it’s where the messages will be standing up until it’s has been gathered by it’s owner, or should I say it’s application ?!?!?
Let’s go through it

I won’t cover RabbitMQ installation here because it’s very well documented on it’s website: here’s the link for the installation details

Once installed, open RabbitMQ main page and click on “Exchanges”
Then click on “Add a new Exchange”

 Give it a name and select the Exchange Type as “Topic”, leave the other fields as it is and click “Add Exchange”

If you want to learn more about Exchange’s Types, check it in here.  

Click on “Queues”
Then click on “Add a new Queue”

Give it a name, leave the other fields as it is and click “Add Queue”

 Click on the recently created Queue

 Click on “Bindings”

 Fill the bindings details as bellow and click “Bind”

 As a Routing Key use true.#.com.vmware.vcloud.event.vm.create

The Routing Key will tell what messages will be sent from the Exchange to the Queue.
In this case this queue will receive only messages about VMs successfully created.
if you need to act based on other events, confirm the notification message format.

That’s it, RabbitMQ is ready to start receiving message notification from vCloud Director about the successfully creation of VMs.

In the next post I will show you how to configure VMware vCloud to send messages to RabbitMQ.

See you next week.

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